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Lessons to Build On-Travis STUCO Creative Food Drive

Whoever thought that canned food could be used as a mechanism in the teaching of a subject?  Well, that is what happened on Thursday, November 17th when Travis Elementary students participated in a "CANstruction” Food Drive.

The idea was created by the Travis STUCO to collect food for the local Mineral Wells Food Pantry. But instead of having the typical food drive, students were asked to construct an object that met the specs for height and width made solely out of non-perishable food items.

At the sound of, “Ready, Set, Go!” Each homeroom had a team of constructional engineers (3-4 students) who creatively stacked and fill the space according to measurements given in the instructions.  The rest of the design team remained inside the classroom passing canned items to the constructional engineers in the hallway in assembly line fashion.

 When design was complete all engineers returned to class and the judges walked the halls and determine which homeroom met or exceeded the design specifications.  Once all designs were observed /measured and structural design was approved, a winner was determined for each hallway.  The winning classroom received a free pizza party on Friday, November 18th.

Judges chose the following homerooms as the winners:

  • Grand Champion: Lovern’s 6th grade class
  • 2nd place overall:   Alcorn’s 5th grade class (1st in hall)
  • 3rd place overall:    Benavides’ 4th grade class (1st in hall)

2,285 items were collected and donated to the Mineral Wells Center of Life Food Pantry.

“The greatest benefit of the program was, of course, raising food for those in need. But for many of our students, it was a chance to learn lessons of structure design, stability, (which were, at times, learned the hard way) and creativity” said STUCO sponsor, Patti Newsom.

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