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Remote Learners

The goal of the remote learning academy  is to provide high-quality remote instruction (RI) for parents and students who request or require a virtual option due to the spread of COVID-19. We have a great team of teachers here at Travis ready to meet the needs of all our virtual learners. 
Office Hours for Remote Academy Teachers 
4th Grade
Math- 10:00-11:00
Ms. Kelly 
English Language Arts- 8:35-9:35
Ms. Wood 
Ms. Uptergrove 
5th Grade 
Math-  9:25-10:48
Ms. Morgan                     
Ms. Grigdesby
English Language Arts- 2:05-3:30
Ms. Pearre 
Ms. Mooring 
Science- 11:48-1:25
Ms. Benavides 
Ms. Gemmel    
Social Studies- 11:18-11:48
Ms. Morgan                     
Ms. Grigdesby
6th Grade 
Math - 1:21-3:30
Mr. Acker 
English Language Arts- 10:18-11:41
Ms. Rosales 
Science- 7:55-9:18
Ms. Roberts-