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Computer Lab » Proper Keyboarding Techniques

Proper Keyboarding Techniques

Imagine being able to type all of your letters on your keyboard without looking at a single key.  How will you reach that goal?  The answer is practice, practice, and more practice.

Proper Keyboarding Technique
1.  Remember to sit up tall.
2.  Look at the screen and not at your hands.
3.  Stay on your home keys.  You should always be able to see the letters G and H between your two hands.
4.  Only your fingertips should be touching the keyboard.
5.  Pull your elbows in at your waist.
6.  Feel for the raised dots on the F and the J keys.  This will guide you to your home keys without looking down at your hands.
7.  Be sure both thumbs are hanging over the space bar, but only use your right thumb to space.
8.  If you make a mistake, press the backspace button with your right little finger and then return it to the semicolon key.  Do not let your other fingers leave the home keys.

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