Camp Grady Spruce

In Travis tradition, 6th graders spend 5 days at Camp Grady Spruce Outdoor Education Program, learning in a hands-on-way, experiencing new activities and understanding their relationship to the environment. All of the components of the students' curriculum (science, math, language arts,social studies, music, art and character education) are supported by our time at camp. Students are given the chance to succeed in a positive environment, while developing self confidence and self respect and an appreciation of their own worth. Social relationships are strengthened through respect for others, cooperation and friendship.


Dates for Camp Grady Spruce 2022-2023 are coming soon.  The cost of camp is $200.00.


Packets containing information about camp will be sent home with all 6th graders in early October. There are several pages in the packet that must be returned by the deadline. The deadline for returning these packets will  be clearly stated on the packet. 


Contact  Mrs. Lovern at Travis Elementary School 325-7801 if you have any questions.