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The Travis Librarian

Meet Mrs. Hargrove

 About Mrs. Hargrove

Mrs. Hargrove and her son


Being dedicated to Travis Elementary's library is something Mrs. Hargrove takes pride in. She aims to be of help to students, parents and teachers alike and wants to make the library an inviting space for all to find the love of reading and much more. She is always there to provide a helping hand, so never hesitate to reach out and ask her for assistance!


Family Centered

Mrs. Hargrove has a lovely family that includes her husband of fifteen years, Brock, and her son, Race, who is ten years old. She strives for excellence in all she does, including being a devout wife and an encouraging mother.

Hargrove Family

Hargrove Adventure



Another word that describes Mrs. Hargrove is adventurous, whether that means trying something new around her hometown or taking unforgettable trips around the world. She loves to live life to the fullest and believes that everyone should enjoy the journey no matter where it takes you or how many ups and downs it may have.


Mrs. Hargrove's motto and favorite hashtag- #bethegood
be the good